Let’s get this clear – 30th July is awesome in our house primarily because it’s the birthday of our youngest. No other celebrating can be done until we have formally recognised his nine awesome years on this spinning rock and rightly so. Cards & presents have been opened congratulations from across the Internet are steadily flowing in his direction and there is a calorie laden cake sitting on the worktop awaiting communal singing later on today. TJ is celebrating the Novennial anniversary of his birth in style.

But he’s also pretty chuffed that he gets to share it with 11 chaps
who did something pretty special 50 years ago today. He loves his football (despite supporting Man City and having an opinion that Cristiano Ronaldo is somehow ‘an awesome footballer’) and has been as keen as mustard to talk about the anniversary celebrations today. 
His birthday celebrations later on will be shared with his Great Grandad, who turns a measly Eighty-Two on Tuesday. We’re heading over to his for a family barbecue this afternoon where they can share a burger and some cake and I know full well that the conversation will turn to football. Again, there will be frustration at my Grandfather’s terrible judgement when it comes to supporting football teams (Spurs? Really Grandad?) but I know that when it comes to talking about England and that day at Wembley fifty years ago that they will be pretty united. (Small ‘u’ – we can ALL agree we don’t like THEM). Football is a unifying topic that crosses so many generations – especially as the national squad nowadays is so unbelievably pants.

As it was such a big topic of conversation in the family calendar I did a bit of digging and it turns out that despite us all thinking that 2016 was the ‘ultimate year of news’ that actually world events were pretty fast coming in 1966 as well – particularly in July. So I dug out my poetry hat and made my own contribution to the festivities. 

Have a great day everyone, whether you’re a whole year older or not. We’ll probably never experience it again so let’s revel in it for day or so 😀⚽️🏆